Nobody rejects the fact that Macau is a wonderful place to wander around. It should be said that during the past few years charismatic-but-sleepy little Macau has experienced the sort of boom. Almost all of its sights can be seen within one day. If you’re feeling energetic enough, the local guides from Private Guide can organize the best excursion you’ve ever had. Nothing can be compared with the pleasure of roaming the hilly winding streets. During such a tour you will be surprised seeing the European-style architecture and plazas. 

The main landmark of Macau is the Church of Sao Paulo, which is really worth visiting. The church was destroyed in 1835, all that remains is the facade. The tour guides offer to climb the imposing set of stairs and see the striking view of the ruins. The best time to do it is at night when the city is lit up with illumination. Be sure, the view of the city and countryside is fantastic. Do not leave Macau without visiting the temple of the Goddess A-Ma as well as Lin Fong Temple. Those, interested in architecture, can take a walk down the Praia Grande in order to see some of the older buildings among which there are Government House and the Macau Governor’s Residence. The old Protestant cemetery also demands your attention. The sightseeing tours are usually tiring, so accept the offer of the personal guides to have rest in the Lou Lim Ioc garden. Macau fully reflects its colonial Portuguese past, realized in cobbled back streets, baroque churches, stone fortresses, Art Deco buildings and restful parks and gardens. If time permits, make day trips into China by passing through Macau’s symbol the “Barrier Gate”. Vegas-style mega-casinos and hotels draw the gamblers to Macau.

Macau stands for a perfect destination, as it includes a unique fusion of East and West. In 2005 UNESCO has recognized 30 buildings and squares collectively as the Historic Centre of Macau as World Heritage Sites. Several world-class museums are waiting for the tourists, coming to Macau. The mix of Mediterranean and Asian traditions can be seen in the local food. This is the food, which makes Macau so much fun.

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