It should be said that Macedonia’s rich Balkan history is an attraction in itself. That’s why tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the historical monuments and ancient sites. With the assistance of tour guides from PrivateGuide they will be able to deep in the full of events history of the country.

Thanks to the fact that Macedonia was a part of the Ottoman Empire, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of local mosques, which look like those in Turkey. At the same time you can meet Orthodox churches, located nearby. If you are interested in artifacts, then the personal guide offers to visit Sveti Naum monastery, famous for the ancient ruins. The locals are awfully proud of their capital – the city of Skopje. Our local guides tell you an interesting story about the history of the city. It was fully rebuilt after a devastating earthquake of 1963. You will be lucky to see the Turkish bridge, bathhouse, mosques, and caravanserais, which remained in the old part of Skopje. You will be surely taken to the Lake Ohrid, the pearl of Macedonia, located southwest of Skopje. Being the deepest in Europe and one of the oldest lakes in the world, Lake Ohrid provides the visitors with splendid opportunities not only to enjoy the picturesque sceneries but also to go in for various outdoor activities, like hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and others. The country's best skiing facilities are found in the western part of Macedonia, especially in the Mavrovo National Park. If you come to the country in summer, do not miss the nearby village of Galichnik, where you can take part in folk festival of traditional wedding, which is really unforgettable.

Being at one and the same time rather ancient and brand new, Macedonia leaves nobody indifferent. Whatever you do in the country: go sightseeing, sip coffee in the stylish bars of the capital, enjoy the extensive wilderness of the landscapes, the prossionalism and friendly style of the communication of private tour guides from PrivateGuide will make your visit to Macedonia truly memorable.

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