A wonderful vacationing spot, a lot of popular attractions and spa treatments – all these facilities you can find at the island of Madagascar, situated off the east coast of Africa. The country evidently lacks well-developed infrastructure, so you will need the professional help of experienced guides. The local guides from PrivateGuide know the island perfectly; they are ready to acquaint you with its history, traditions, culture and famous sights.

The starting point of the excursion around the island is usually Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, located in the central highland region of the island. It is a well known fact that there are thirty national parks and protected areas in the country, but the majority of them are not accessible. The Perinet-Analamazoatra Reserve and Ranomafana National Park are two spots, where you can see different species of lemurs, the world’s biggest and smallest chameleons, the elephant bird, the largest bird that ever lived. Our personal guides in Madagascar make you sure that nowhere else in the world you can witness such a biodiversity. If you are a nature lover – the island is the ideal place to spend the holidays. Traveling to the southern part of Madagascar and making a stop at Ifaty, you can enjoy wonderful “octopus” trees, the western areas, such as Morondava, are famous for the bottle-shaped baobabs, while Ranomafana is a home to more than 60 varieties of the carnivorous pitcher plants.

Going to visit Madagascar, do not forget to take rain gear, bug spray, and good walking shoes with you, as this is a country of endless hiking and trekking opportunities. With tour guides you discover that in Madagascar unexpected attractions peacefully coexist with intriguing natural spots. In short, this unspoiled natural treasure, called Madagascar, has something for just about everyone.

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