The landlocked country of Malawi is not fully discovered by the international tourists. Being rather small, located in the heart of southeast Africa, it gives the visitors a chance to enjoy a wide array of cultural and scenic spots. Explore Malawi with tour guides from PrivateGuide and you will be infatuated with the “Warm Heart of Africa”, as Malawi is sometimes called.

Major cities, as the capital Lilongwe and the commercial center Blantyre, provide the tourists with easy access to the Zomba Plateau and Liwonde National Park, popular landmarks of Malawi. Have an excursion to the lush tea fields of Thyolo, and do not loose the opportunity to try a cup of this amazing drink, cooked in a special way. If you want peace and calmness, you could always have rest at Lake Malawi. Its crystal clear waters, surrounded by mountains, have one of the greatest selections of freshwater fish in the world. There is plenty here to keep you active – the hikers, climbers and trekkers will appreciate the Mulanje Massif with its deep valleys and marvelous waterfall pools. Our local guides show you one of the most enjoyable hiking routes in the whole Africa – the Nyika National Park with its dramatic peaks and impressive rolling grassland.

All above mentioned characteristics of Malawi seem too good to be true. So, choose the country to check whether it is so much beautiful as the majority of tourists brochures tell you. Choose the trip to Malawi with the personal guide from PrivateGuide and you will be fascinated with stunning sceneries, diverse eco-systems friendly locals, and an interesting culture.

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