Paradise in all senses – this is how the Maldives can be called. The Republic of Maldives has over a thousand islands, of which only 2 hundred are inhabited. With tour guides from PrivateGuide you have a chance to open up a new destination or just to enjoy the world known tourists routs. There are many places in the world that attract the visitors by white sands, blue skies, and clear waters, but Maldives are unique, the country has its own character and way of life.

The first thing that draws the visitors to the Maldives is perfect surrounding for the diving: rich marine life, picturesque coral reefs, and ideal diving sites. The period from April to October is a proper time to explore the North and South Male Atolls. Do fantastic diving and snorkelling in the local lagoons, scattered all over the country. You should definitely agree if our local guides offer you a sightseeing tour around the capital city of Male. You will be shown the most famous sites of the city, including presidential palace and vibrant local markets.

The country is famous for its all-year sunshine, unspoilt nature, white sand beaches, unfailingly polite and friendly local people. Honeymooners, history fans, sun worshippers, divers, or nature lovers will surely like the Maldives especially with the professional help of the tour guides from PrivateGuide.

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