Canada de la Virgen

After 10 years of exploration the archaeological site of cañada de la virgen is at last open, the tour begins with the entrance trough a prehispanic street to the "Casa de los trece Cielos", that differently than other piramids in Mexico the sun rises on its front (on Teotihuacan, Xochicalco and Palenque it rises from the back of the piramid). In here "Casa de los trece cielos" there is also a piramid of about 15m high that has rests of mural paintings, it also has a sunke patio with architectural peculiarities. Other of the points to visit is the "Jardin" an area of more than 4000 square meters that was planted on prehispanic times and it is conserving it´s same purpose. Near the "Jardin" is the water pond or "estanque" a prehispanic hidraulic work. There is also "casa del viento" an adoratorium dedicated to the god of wind and the house of the longest night a building made on relation to the winter solstice (dec 21). This site is located just 16 km outside of San Miguel de Allende and the entrance cost is 30 mexican pesos. Open all week from 9 to 5.

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