Monaco is country where all the tourists’ wishes are concentrated. It attracts the visitors by its natural beauty and luxurious conditions for hideaway holiday. With personal guides from PrivateGuide, you will fall in love with this tiny but amazing country.

Our local guide takes you on an excursion to the gilded opera house, designed by Charles Garnier, to the lovely Cathedral of St. Nicholas, where Princess Grace was laid to rest. The best way to explore the city is on foot, as all the sights are located within walking distances. After tiring excursions it is high time to have a luxurious dinner in one of fine restaurants and seaside cafes. There is another kind of relaxation, available in Monaco – to deep into the sanctuaries of Monaco’s world-class spas. Monaco is usually one day destination, as it is a daytrip from the French or Italian Riviera. Beautiful yachts, waiting in the marinas, the legendary Casino Monte Carlo, colorful Monegasque dialect, used by the old nationals – all these Monaco offers the visitors.

Beauty is a standard in Monaco. It is a country, which provids the tourists with a stunning, picturesque hideaway from everyday life, problems and nervous situations. Our tour guides fulfill their duties so professionally that you won’t notice how the time passes in Monaco. This sun-soaked Mediterranean paradise is waiting for you.

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