Monglia is a country where you can find everything you expect of a perfect vacation. The lanscapes of the country are incredibly varied: from the sparkling lakes of Khovsgol to the the snowcapped mountains of Bayan-Olgi. But our tour guides from PrivateGuide show you the most remarkable thing of Mongolia travel – legendary hospitality of the local people, who open their hearts for the guests. 

For many years Mongolia was closed for the international tourists. But after the fall of communism, the country did everything in its power to open itself up to the world. Mongolia sussccessfully managed to do it. Looking for the ideal destination for active rest, choose Mongolia and you won’t be dissapointed. Local guides show you the perfect places for horse trekking, long-distance cycling or hiking. Camping out under a sprawling mass of stars is also very popular, as the country’s charm preferably lies in its countryside. Take centuries-old nomadic traditions, add beautiful wild nature. Mix it all with some Buddhist temples and mysterious ruins, – and you will get Mongolia. Do not avoid the country's capital, Ulan Bator. The city has everything you need from restaurants, museums and monuments to the opportunities for good shopping. It should be said that Mongolia is once again embracing its Buddhist heritage, as the majority of country's monasteries, which had been destroyed during the Soviet period, are now rebuilt.

Undoubtedly, traveling through Mongolia takes character. But if you enjoy the outdoors and adventure, like to explore the unkown spots, with the help of our personal guides – you will surely like your trip to Mongolia.

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