Nigeria is a country of contrasts. For instance, it is very rich in oil but the local people are very poor because of constant corruption and high population. Nigeria dominates West Africa economically and politically, but the country’s name is connected with the terms of ethnic violence and email scams. With PrivateGuide you will be able to see new Nigeria, to discover unknown land with numerous sights and attractions. 

Tour guides organize the excursions to various parts of Nigeria, showing you all the local beauty of the country. You surely be taken to the capital city of Abuja, to the second biggest city – Ibadan, looking like a common Italian city, because of the houses roofs’ colour. Kano, Zaria and Sokoto are great cities to explore. Though it’s certainly a challenging destination, try not to believe all the scare stories about Nigeria. Head for Lagos and the port city of Calabar, which make an enjoyable stopover for any traveler. Private tour guides take you to Southern Nigeria to show old kingdoms with their age-old customs and traditions.

Simply believe that there is no place like Nigeria. Being a country, where great wealth boaders on great poverty, friendly local people are close to criminals, it remains rather popular tourist destination, which keeps attracting the visitors from all over the world. While a few parts of the country remain problematic, the vast majority is as warm and welcoming to visitors as anywhere else in Africa.

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