In Norway each moment is full of surprises, because the country has a great variety of things to do. Personal guides from PrivateGuide acquaint you with picturesque landscape of Norway: from lakes and rivers, full of various fish, to huge forests and high plateaus. You will be surprised to see permanent glacial ice and high mountains split by abundant valleys. If we paraphrase the words of the great Norwegian son Henrik Ibsen, we’ll get – “Those who wish to understand Norwegians, must first understand Norway’s magnificent but severe natural environment”. The power of nature can be fully seen and felt in Norway. 

Norway is, by any standards, one of the most beautiful countries on earth. That’s why do not loose opportunities to experience it. You are welcome to choose any types of excursions, organized by our local guides. The cities of Norway, such as Bergen (the historic port city on the West Coast), Trondheim (the Viking age capital, which houses Northern Europe's only medieval Gothic Cathedral), Stavanger («the oil capital» of Norway, a scenic southern town) and Tromso (the so-called «Gateway to the Arctic» and the best example of Northern Norway's spectacular scenery) impress the visitors by the modernity combined with old-age traditions, splendid architecture and welcoming people. The country’s national parks are worth your attention. They are shining symbols of the nation’s desire to protect the environment. In summer the tourists usually choose such destinations as boating towns in the South, the big fjords on the West Coast, and the Lofoten islands in the North. Jagged coastline is a home to Norway's world famous fjords – the best places to enjoy. If the outdoors is what you exactly need, welcome to Norway, the country of extreme weather and scenic diversity.

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