Panama, sandwiched between the Pacific and the Caribbean, welcomes the tourists from all over the world. The diversity of activities makes Panama absolutely worth a visit. Moreover the country is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Latin America. With PrivateGuide you will discover that in Panama the sea is always nearby, correspondently water sports are practiced all over the country. The inland adventures, from rafting trips to mountain hikes are also very popular.

Personal guides take great efforts to make your trip to Panama as interesting and involving as it is possible. They show you lively, modern, cosmopolitan capital of the country – Panama City. It is a proper destination for the history fans who will be able to enjoy old Panama ruins and cobbled district Casco Viejo, for leisure seekers, who are eager to visit smart bars and restaurants, for shopaholics, looking for perfect shopping options. Discover Panama's beauty and value, visiting David-City, country’s second largest city and attractive spot for the tourists. You shouldn’t even ask our local guides to take you to Bocas del Toro. They surely do it at the very beginning of your acquaintance with Panama. You will be amazed by splendid beaches and adrenalin pumping diving trips. The possibility to see sea turtles makes even the dullest person a devoted Panama fan. Private tour guides plan your Panama travel very carefully, that’s why you won’t loose much time for moving from one spot to another. They invite the tourists to the port town of Colon – the best starting point to visit the rugged Darien Gap, which borders Colombia. It is impossible not to visit the Archipielago de las Perlas. Though the trip can occupy all your time, two-three days are enough to see the most fascinating spots of its endless islands and islets. Incredibly scenic trekking opportunities are offered in Parque Nacional Volcan Baru, which is at the same time is a home to Panama's only volcano.
In Panama you have irressistable feeling that you’re in a secret traveling spot world has yet to discover. There’s no shortage of beaches, mountains and rain forests to explore. Sublime beaches with pristine waters, colonial towns with friendly people, exquisite handicrafts and tasty dishes – isn’t it enough to stimulate your travel to Panama?

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