Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea

Stepping into the great unknown – this is how the majority of the tourist brouchures call the trip to Papua New Guinea. Do not let this fact prevent you from seeing the striking beauty of local nature, learning the myriad complex cultures and getting truly life-affirming experiences. Personal guides from PrivateGuide give you a splendid chance to make this great unknown country your favorite holiday destination.

Papua New Guinea is usually called Australia’s biological mirror-world. Do not believe, then our local guides take you to the very places in the country to see various mammal species, different kinds of birds and frogs. It should be said that the country has so diverse terrain that it makes a remarkable impression on even the most experienced traveler. High-rise mountains, coral reefs and palm-fringed, white-sand beaches – Papua New Guinea has everything for a perfect vacation. It is out of the question that the scuba diving in the country is some of the best in the world. It gives you an opportunity to see the underwater wonderland, Papua New Guinea is characterized by.

Private tour guides acquaint you with unique traditions and lifestyles of local people. The best way to do it is to visit the capital of the country – Port Moresby, famous for its splendid architecture. The perfect examples are the building of the National Parliament and the Catholic Cathedral. Do not miss the National Museum, which impresses the comers by unique collections of pottery from all the provinces of Papua New Guinea. If you are looking for beautiful lagoons and ideal places to practice your surfing and diving skills, tour guides offer you to visit Madang. Whatever destination you choose in Papua New Guinea: national parks and wildlife sanctuary, small towns or the capital with its numerous sights, the trip keeps you interested and amazed.

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