Peru offers incredibly varued range of experiences, so varied that it can be difficult to choose between them. Personal guides from PrivateGuide organize the excursions to the parched coastal desert, take you to the big cities of the country, show you the lush expanse of the Amazon rainforest. Be sure that there are everything in Peru to make you happy and relaxed. The ancient ruins of Peru keep prehistoric secrets, waiting for the tourists to be opened. There are attractive sights and various museums to visit, splendid waves to surf, and interesting cities to explore in Peru. 

Peru is a country where every tourists can find a thing to do. You can admire impressive Catholic churches, buy locally made handicrafts and impressive textiles. Tour guides offer the visitors the best spots to see flocks of brightly colored tropical birds and striking sea lions, found in rocky Pacific outcroppings. Talking about the tourism in Peru, we are not going even to tell about Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, which keeps to be the major draw for the tourists. Private tour guides suggest you to spend a few days on an Amazon cruise boat and then go to Iquitos, which can’t be reachable by road. They also take you to the former Inca capital, Cusco, a top tourist destination. As for Tarapoto, the tourists aren't crowded in this city, that’s why you can feel free and relaxed in the region. Lima, the capital, is a great stopover. Even the not-so-adventurous can enjoy Peru in order to admire beautiful nature and experience the hospitality of the locals.

National cuisine is a specific mirrow that reflects the history of the country, its traditions and customs. So, you should surely try the local cuisine of Peru. The tourists will spend weeks tasting a wide range of specialties, such as rare strains of potato or succulent ocean mollusks. With the help of local guides you will understand that a trip to Peru is not only interesting but also tasty. Welcome to Peru – a world of adventure and excitement, the country of snow-capped mountains and giant sand dunes. It is really worth a visit.

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