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I know Arabic and a little English, i am 29 years old, professional tour guide. You can find unknown beauty of the nature of Turkey.
What I offer
Especially in Istanbul, i give private professional guidance service on each side of Turkey. Don’t waste your time and cash with tourism agencies! By means of my private professional guidance service, you can find unknown beauty of the nature of Turkey, experience the regional tastes, discover the history of Anatolia with us on every weekday and every hour. Also especially in Istanbul, you will get whatever you wish with us in terms of tour, shopping, entertainment, cultural and art activities, camping, food and beverage in the all cities of Turkey. Besides, we give also professional commercial private guidance, education counselling service. In the fairs, commercial interviews, tours, research and development works in Turkey you can contact with us without hesitation. It will be enough for us to say why you come to Turkey . You will find what you expect in line with our offers, easily.

Transportation can be arranged upon your request, accordingly.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
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