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In the recent years Puerto Rico has made progress in improving its infrastructure in some areas, especially in the sphere of tourism. There is too much to see in the country that a common tourist fails to choose the most interesting and historically valuable sites. Private tour guides from PrivateGuide give you a hand in organizing a trip to Puerto Rico.

The colorful, diverse and culturally unique country of Puerto Rico, Spanish-speaking tropical paradise in the Caribbean, makes tourists forget about everything on earth. Latin rhythms, rose-tinted tropical sunsets, stunning beaches, caves and offshore coral reefs in the Caribbean – all these become the part of your heart and soul. If you consider yourself the outdoor enthusiast, than our personal guides surely take you to Isla Mona, the rare and wild treasure of the country. You will also not want to miss the opportunity to see the beauty of Bosque Estatal de Carite, located in the central mountains, or wonderful island of Culebra. History fans are really busy and involved in Puerto Rico. The tour guides show them the way to San Juan, considered one of the oldest and best preserved colonial cities in the Americas. The southern coast, especially Ponce, famous for its museums and Spanish colonial buildings, is a great stopover for the comers.

Private guides recommend you to try the street food in Puerto Rico, which is rather cheap and surprisingly tasty. Whatever you do in Puerto Rico: tour beautifully restored towns, enjoy well-preserved architecture or explore the rural beauty of the countryside, you will be fascinated with this spot. A tour to Puerto Rico combines an easygoing atmosphere for families, busy nightlife and pulsating reggae and salsa for those who long for nonstop fun, numerous historical sights for history fans, and picturesque beaches for sun woshippers.

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