If you are in search of an imagined Arabia, Qatar is the exact place your dream to come true. It is the country where the rock carvings exist to testify human endurance, where the ruins of ancient forts remind of huge empire; where the occasional goat-hair Bedouin is the example of life in the desert. Personal guides from PrivateGuide give you a chance to experience all the aspects of the life in the country.

For the visitor, Qatar is really wonderful. Being not very big country it offers many options from which to choose. With the help of the local guides, you will understand that everything you imagined of Arabia is there in all its magnificent glory. The tourists will be taken to Doha, Qatar's largest city and the economic centre of the country. As usual the trip around Qatar starts from its capital, as it is a perfect spot to start the exploration of the country. Doha impresses the tourists by numerous museums, the most visited of which are the Qatar National Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Islamic Art and others.

The sport fans surely known that the city of Doha held the 2006 Asian Games, the largest Asian Games ever held. The country is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf on all three sides of the peninsula, so the visitors coming to Qatar are provided with excellent opportunities for water sports: sailing, windsurfing, swimming, and scuba-diving. Lucky visitors may have the good fortune of seeing numerous monuments, and get no rest exploring the incessant nightlife. With its fantastic mix of appropriate climate, beautiful sights, and natural beauty, Qatar is waiting to be explored.

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