No wonder that a majority of the tourists associate Romania with blood-drinking ghouls with wings and a deep-pitched voice. Using the help of private tour guides from PrivateGuide you discover another country, quite different from what you have imagined. Broad and stunningly mountainous landscape, friendly and welcoming locals, interesting traditions and customs – all these about Romania.

Local guides advise to start the trip around Romania from its walled Saxon cities like Brasov and Sighisoara, where you can not only enjoy the beauty of local architecture and visit some worthy museums, but also do a lot of trekking, hiking and skiing. Of course a lot of tourists come to Romania to see Transylvania’s castles, where the “real Dracula” (Vlad Tepes) first grew his teeth. Feel the Habsburg influences, visiting college towns like Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca or explore painted monasteries and cemeteries of the northern Maramures and northeastern Bucovina. It takes you much time to plan the tour around the capital city of Bucharest, so you’d better rely on tour guides who do their job perfectly, making your trip memorable and full of excitement. They show you numerous parks of the city, take for a walk along famous Parisian boulevards. The city is a specific blend of grotesque communist monuments and purposefully hidden-away cathedrals. It should be said that Romanian life is defined by its sweet country heart, so if you didn’t see the countryside, you wouldn’t have seen Romania at all. Anywhere in the country you’ll notice horse-drawn buggies or the herds of sheep.

Romania remains to be one of Europe’s most interesting, and least understood destinations. There is only one way out, call for the professional help of private guides, who know the country perfectly and have all the facilities to make your trip unforgettable.

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