Want to experience the specific blend of the West and Orient, you are welcome to Serbia, one of the most popular tourists destinations in the recent years. With private tour guides from PrivateGuide you will be able to learn the religion, national cuisine, local music and art, numerous monuments, crafts, native language and literature. Our local guides give you the arguments to realize that Serbia is a unique country, as its borders and cultural heritage have been crossed and determined by 56 armies in recorded history. It managed to preserve its traditions and customs, have the respect for its own culture. Nowadays Serbia controls one of the major land routes from Western/Central Europe to Turkey/Near East.

Whatever city of Serbia the tour guide takes you to, everywhere the tourists are offered some magnificent sights from ancient, medieval and modern times. Belgrade is Serbia's national capital and one of the biggest cities of the country. Undoubtedly it is the most exciting spot, a gritty and energetic city. The personal guides show you the symbol of the capital – magnificent Kalamegdan Fortress overlooking the city, invite you for a dinner to one of several excellent restaurants, advise to go shopping in Belgrade. Traveling further north, you get to city of Novi Sad, famous for the renowned EXIT Festival, held there every summer. Not less visited is the southern part of Serbia with its lush rolling hills and wooded valleys brushing up against rugged mountains. The pearl of the region is a town of Nis, known for a relaxed atmosphere and evident Turkish influence. Do not refuse if the private guides propose you to visit the medieval monasteries of Manasija, Sopocani and Studenica, which are the keepers of Serbian faith and Byzantine art. Some of them are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

Serbia can be surely called “Europe’s buried treasure”, waiting for the tourists to be explored. Nowadays a country with warm, inviting citizens, lovely sights, and rich cultural traditions is a safe and welcoming place to visit. Do not loose time and choose Serbia as a place for your vacation.

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