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My name is Marin Sirakov. I am here to provide you not only the best tour guiding, but I am also here to be your agent to the Bulgarian nature, history, culture and behavior.
Let our journey start now !
What I offer
I can offer you the best guiding services all over Bulgaria. Mountain trips, cultural trips,exploring tours, business trips, consulting and services depends on your needs.
I also have a minivan/ jeep that can space 6 travelers with luggage.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I was born in 1985 in Troyan - a small town on the feed of the Balkan range mountains.In 2005 I graduated with degree of high school as a professional travel guide. So far now I have more than fifteen years of experience in the travel business as a professional mountain and tour guide all over Bulgaria. I am a founder of Balkans foundation with activities in the field of providing personal education, business consulting and projects management.

Being my clients you will be involved in the best exploring of the natural, historical and economical aspects of my country.

Come and see, and you will be back again !

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