Slovakia is a small, landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is a real hub for the nature lovers, moreover it is a major draw for the sport fans, as the north is forested and mountainous and has great hiking and skiing possibilities. Spa fans will appreciate the world’s most environmentally friendly resort, built on a huge geo thermal lake in Poprad. This list can be continued more and more. But if you would like to have a relaxed holiday, let the local guides from PrivateGuide organize your excursion around Slovakia carefully. 

The capital Bratislava is only 50 miles from Vienna and you will be able to feel this closeness. Wandering around the city, sit in one of many old-town cafes and feel the atmosphere of the capital. Want to have a portion of adrenaline, climb alpine peaks in East Slovakia, for example the High Tatras or practice your ski skills in Mala Fatra National Park. Have some spare time, explore a clifftop castle in Trencin. You will be told about the Tartar invasions, the Slovaks had to suffer. The countryside is dotted with castles that remind the visitor of these attacks. You will be fascinated with original buildings, found in local villages and regional towns.

If you still think that peaceful Slovakia isn’t among the most-visited tourist destinations, it is a big mistake. Personal guides show you a great transformation from frumpy, communist-era chrysalis in time country to a welcome, popular among the foreign visitors spot. With so much to offer, it was only a matter of time before Slovakia became a popular destination. So, do not waste time, go now and beat the crowds.

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