When Portuguese sailors fierst saw Taiwan, they uttered “Ilha Formosa”, which means “beautiful island”. And anyone who has ever visited the country can reject this fact. Love-at-first-sight reaction – this is what every visitor, coming to Taiwan, is caharacterzed by.  

Within the borders of this small island lies a world of contrasts and a diverse mix of cultural influences you’re not likely to find anywhere else on the planet. Do not beilive that Taiwan is increasingly drawing travellers of all kinds: from spiritual to gourmands and computer geeks, check it by travelling to the country. Whatever your holiday preferances are, the tour guides from PrivateGuide will find the proper activity for all the comers. The lush mountains of Wulai invite the fans of climbing and mountain biking. The outdoor opportunities like hiking or trekking in Taiwan are better than anywhere else. Explore the stunning basalt cliffs of Penghu, or practise your hiking skills in Taroko Gorge, have fun at pulsating city like Taipei. The surrounding areas around Taipei have a lot of pagodas and temples that predate Western civilization, so these places will be interesting not only for the history fans. Personal guides surely take you to some of the world’s best hot springs, located in the country.

Our local guides will tell you all about this island which is located off the southeastern coast of China. Moreover the country is a clean, safe place to visit, and its borders contain a geographic diversity that will fill the itinerary of any nature lover. The adventure travelers undoubtedly enjoy some of the world’s most dramatic sceneries. Taiwan cuts a figure as one of the most diverse destinations in Asia. And we can heartedly say that nothing has changed since the Portuguese first saw Taiwan. When the tourists come to see the island they pronounce “Ilha Formosa” all over again.

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