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Villa Gregoriana is a huge wild garden, lying on the slopes of the acropolis of Tivoli. The park is dominated by two roman temples, dedicated to Sybil and Tiburno, the founder of the city. Villa Grego...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 140 (USD)    

VILLA D'ESTE 0ItalyItalyTivoli

Villa d'Este was commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, son of Alfonso I d’Este and Lucrezia Borgia. From 1550 until his death (1573) the Cardinal created a Palace surrounded by a spectacular te...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 140 (USD)    


Best of Florence and a guided visit to the Accademia Gallery Half day Tour Length: 3 hours. Dates: every season. Departure Point: From your accomodation. Please note that the rate includes ...
Duration: 3 (h)     Price per tour: 215 (USD)    

MILAN IN TOUR0ItalyItalyMilan

1. Basic Tour The best of Milan: It offers you the possibility to know the most famous cultural monuments of the city. From Mercanti's square to the Royal Palace, the Duomo Cathedral with a basic vis...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 200 (USD)    

Cruise tour0ItalyItalyCagliari

Your tour will start at the port where I will give a brief introduction on the history of Cagliari. The walk continues up to Castello hills, where you will admire the old part of Cagliari, More ...
Duration: 1 (h)     Price per tour: 150 (USD)    

Tour by: Silvia Melis

Cagliari: cultural walk0ItalyItalyCagliari

We enjoy some archaeological sites from Roman period, and then we continue the visit in the medieval district, called Castello with the cathedral and the twin towers.
Duration: 3 (h)     Price per tour: 210 (USD)    

Tour by: Silvia Melis

Ostuni: the white city0ItalyItalyOstuni

Ostuni is called “the white city” because of its skyline: a pictoresque white town up on a hill. It’s one of the most lively, touristic and interesting town of Apulia. The tour will start at Piazza...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 160 (USD)    

Alberobello and its trulli0ItalyItalyAlberobello

The historic city center of Alberobello is an Unesco World Heritage site because of its trulli (there are more than 1.500): a unique kind of building with stone conical roof that have survived quite i...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 160 (USD)    

Classic Lecce: from Lupiae to Barocco0ItalyItalyLecce

A tour in the city center of Lecce (called the Southern Florence for its wonderfull architecture) to discover why it has been included by Lonely Planet in the top ten of the cities to visit. The guid...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 160 (USD)    

christmas time in Puglia0ItalyItalyBari

hello! do you know the Puglia region? do you've never seen it in its beauty over the Christmas period? Come and discover it at Christmas! full of charm, good food, Christmas cakes, colors and landscap...
Duration: 24 (h)     Price per tour: 450 (USD)    

CastelBrando Castle Tour0ItalyItalyCison Di Valmarino

The tour starts at 10 a.m and it finishes at 6 p.m. We'll visit Castebrando Castle in the north east of Italy in the city called 'Cison di Valmarino'. The castle is sorrounded by nature and it's eno...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 4000 (USD)    

Tour by: none none2

Tour of Treviso0ItalyItalyTreviso

The tour starts at 10 a.m. and finished at 6 p.m. We'll visit the city of Treviso, historical city with a lot of monuments and arts: 1. Sankt Peter's church 2. The Sir's square 3. The rional market 4...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 3000 (USD)    

Tour by: none none2

Tour of Venice0ItalyItalyVenice

The tour starts at 9.00 a.m. and it finishes at 7 p.m. We'll visit the most famous spot in Venice: 1. St Mark's Basilica 2. Doge's Palace 3. Inner court's doges palace 4. Giant Stairway 4. Rialto ...
Duration: 10 (h)     Price per tour: 7000 (USD)    

Tour by: none none2

Apulia tour0ItalyItalyBari

welcome! starting every morning at 9.30 am with this tour we will visit the beauty of Puglia! depart from Bari and visit the ancient village.. then the new town! at 11 am we will visit Castellana c...
Duration: 7 (h)     Price per tour: 450 (USD)    

Gargano tour10ItalyItalyBari

with this extraordinary tour we will discover the promontory of Gargano Puglia directly overlooking the sea full of beautiful beaches, villages and sun smells and colors as well as flavors of Puglia...
Duration: 9 (h)     Price per tour: 500 (USD)    

Matera (passion of jesus) tour10ItalyItalyBari

hello! with this tour which will start from Bari (now scheduled departure until 10 am) we will go to Matera (UNESCO site) Matera is the city of stones (primordial caves symbol of one of the earliest h...
Duration: 7 (h)     Price per tour: 300 (USD)    

Bari - Alberobello wonderful tour20ItalyItalyBari

hello! with this beautiful tour I'll show you the beautiful city of Bari! depart at 9:30 am from Bari and we will visit the old town with its ancient churches, flavors, historical places, colors, we w...
Duration: 7 (h)     Price per tour: 300 (USD)    

BARI trip20ItalyItalyBari

welcome! with this exciting tour I'll show you the city of Bari in its great beauty! depart at 9 am from the city center (old town) 9.30 visit the Basilica of St. Nicholas including the crypt and tom...
Duration: 6 (h)     Price per tour: 130 (USD)    

Bari & Alberobello magic tour0ItalyItalyBari

welcome! start time 10 am with this tour I'll show you the most beautiful area of Bari! together we will visit new Bari and old Bari !!!! in the old part we will visit the church of St. Nicholas, th...
Duration: 6 (h)     Price per tour: 300 (USD)    

Tasty Apulia0ItalyItalyLecce

A tour in masseria (tipycal farmhouses), wineries, olive oil and cheese producers. A morning / afternoon discovering Apulian countryside and the mediterranea diet. First stop at a cheese producer t...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 160 (USD)    

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