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Snowdonia National Park0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

On this great day trip you will see the wild moorlands, mountains and lakes of Snowdonia, secluded valleys and villages, as well as forests, waterfalls and steam railways. We can visit the medieval Co...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 380 (USD)    

The English Lake District0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

By car the Lake District is only about 90 minutes on the motorway. We are however transported to a different world, one full of romance and beauty. The south lakes are simply stunning with something o...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 400 (USD)    

Liverpool - culture and music0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

Our route goes from cultural quarter to Waterfront. Liverpool one, Cathedrals - two, Graces - three and Fab four - nothing left unattended. Live music is a main sightseeing of city, let you enjoy al...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 180 (USD)    

Beatles story0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

visiting Beatles museum(1 hour 12 pounds)Anfield(30 min 7 pounds). Walker gallery, Cavern, Protestants cathedral, Catholic cathedral
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 80 (USD)    

Tour by: Larisa Dunn

The Bronte Country0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

The Brontë Country can be reached in about 90 minutes from Liverpool. It is an area of outstanding beauty, with windswept moor-land offering bleak but stunning views. We will visit Howarth, home of th...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 230 (USD)    

Neil's Beatles Tour0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

I am a lifelong Beatles Fan and never tire of their music. Early period or post Sgt Peppers? my preferences sway back and forth, but never wanes. ​South Liverpool is steeped in Beatles folklore and th...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 200 (USD)    

Sights and Sounds of Liverpool0United KingdomUnited KingdomLiverpool

The half day tour (approximately 4 hours) takes in the essential must see sights of Liverpool including the Pier Head, Liver Buildings, Albert Dock, the Two Cathedrals, William Brown Street and of cou...
Duration: 4 (h)     Price per tour: 200 (USD)    

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