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2-Hour Bari City private tour0ItalyItalyBari

Explore the city of Bari, famous around the world to preserve the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra, venerated as a saint by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Discover its history and heritage in this...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 199 (USD)    

Horseback riding in the National Park of Alta Murgia (Area Castel del Monte - Puglia)0ItalyItalyAndria

Highlights: Live the experience of horse riding in one of the most typical areas of Puglia The route will start riding stables to a nearby wood We offer you the opportunity to spend a day in ...
Duration: 1 (h)     Price per tour: 39 (USD)    

Otranto: Guided Walking Tour in Salento0ItalyItalyOtranto

Guided tour to Otranto, one of the most important town of the Salento, in the Apulia region, southern Italy. Highlights: Discover the historical center of Otranto with a certified tour guide Pl...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 165 (USD)    

Discover Naples: 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour 0ItalyItalyNaples

Enjoy a 3-hour walking tour of the remarkable city of Naples and discover its stunning churches, Royal Palace, and ancient castles. Stroll through the distinctive alleys and explore the Naples' vibran...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 147 (USD)    

Matera “Sassi” European Capital of Culture 20190ItalyItalyMatera

Description Summary: Discover the "Sassi" of Matera, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the architecture of the characteristic town walking through its streets. See location sites from ...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 140 (USD)    

Lecce sightseeing tours, the Florence of the South Italy0ItalyItalyLecce

Discover Lecce, the Florence of the South Italy, with Baroque-style architecture. Lecce is located in Apulia the heel of Italy, and is the capital of a land called Salento, surrounded by the Adriatic...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 147 (USD)    

Gallipoli: 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour in Salento0ItalyItalyGallipoli

Guided tour to Gallipoli, one of the most important town of the Salento, in the Apulia region, southern Italy. Highlights: Discover the historical center of Gallipoli with a certified tour g...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 165 (USD)    

2-Hour Private Tour of the Ruins of Herculaneum 0ItalyItalyErcolano

Travel back 2,000 years to the Roman town of Herculaneum, and see the ruins left behind by the devastating volcanic eruption of 79 AD. Visit ancient houses, marvel at mosaic floors and frescoes, and s...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 145 (USD)    

Tour Battle of Cannae: Hannibal's victory over the Romans (Puglia - Italy)0ItalyItalyBarletta

Explore the archaeological ruins of the ancient Roman town of Canne della Battaglia, famous for the biggest battle of the Second Punic War fought between the Roman and Carthaginian army Highlights:...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 140 (USD)    

Amalfi Coast Tour: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello0ItalyItalyAmalfi

Join this tour to explore the famous Amalfi Coast and visit its charming surroundings. A coastline of indescribable beauty, this region of Italy features Ravello with its elegant buildings, and pastel...
Duration: 5 (h)     Price per tour: 450 (USD)    

Discover Altamura: Half-Day bread and focaccia tour tasting0ItalyItalyBari

Discover the medieval town built during the Holy Roman Empire, enter the historical center from one of the ancient gates to the town and discover the architectural beauties of the churches of St. Blai...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 140 (USD)    

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CastelBrando Castle Tour0ItalyItalyCison Di Valmarino

The tour starts at 10 a.m and it finishes at 6 p.m. We'll visit Castebrando Castle in the north east of Italy in the city called 'Cison di Valmarino'. The castle is sorrounded by nature and it's eno...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 4000 (USD)    

Tour of Treviso0ItalyItalyTreviso

The tour starts at 10 a.m. and finished at 6 p.m. We'll visit the city of Treviso, historical city with a lot of monuments and arts: 1. Sankt Peter's church 2. The Sir's square 3. The rional market 4...
Duration: 8 (h)     Price per tour: 3000 (USD)    

Tour of Venice0ItalyItalyVenice

The tour starts at 9.00 a.m. and it finishes at 7 p.m. We'll visit the most famous spot in Venice: 1. St Mark's Basilica 2. Doge's Palace 3. Inner court's doges palace 4. Giant Stairway 4. Rialto ...
Duration: 10 (h)     Price per tour: 7000 (USD)    

Fishing tourism with fishing vessel (Trani - Apulia - Southern Italy)0ItalyItalyTrani

Live the experience of boarding a vessel with fishing and lunch on board: from the port of Trani (Apulia - Southern Italy) fishing vessel in Bisceglie and Molfetta. Ability to swim off. Lunch of f...
Duration: 6 (h)     Price per tour: 2000 (USD)    

ONE DAY CRUISE ON A BEAUTIFUL SAILBOAT (Trani - Apulia - Southern Italy)0ItalyItalyTrani

Mini cruise aboard the beautiful 27 meter gulet with departures from Trani (Apulia - Southern Italy) built entirely of precious chestnut and mahogany, with a fantastic cabin, 4 double cabins with extr...
Duration: 7 (h)     Price per tour: 2042 (USD)    

Bike tour in Trani, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea (Southern Italy)0ItalyItalyTrani

Bike tour on the bike path and the historical center of Trani with tour guide who will accompany visitors to visit the Cathedral near the sea, to the Swabian Castle built by Frederick II Hohenstaufen,...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 550 (USD)    

Trani: Half-Day Italian Cooking Class with lunch or dinner in Apulia0ItalyItalyTrani

Discover the delicious Italian cuisine and as you learn to cook typical Apulian dishes in southern Italy. Enjoy a cooking class 4 hours with an Italian chef before tasting your meal at a restaurant ne...
Duration: 3 (h)     Price per tour: 200 (USD)    

Apulia: 2-hour extra virgin olive oil tasting0ItalyItalyTrani

Live the experience to see a typical oil mill surrounded by the countryside of Apulia region, southern Italy, in this 2 hour tour. Walk through the olive groves and see how the olives are picked and p...
Duration: 2 (h)     Price per tour: 156 (USD)    
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