Tunisia is a paradise for leisure seekers, as it is the country of real deserts with beautiful oasis, old cities, lots of carpets and fine beaches, warm people and good opportunities for sports. All these aspects make Tunisia a popular destination for a relaxed holiday. With local guides from PrivateGuide you will discover the historical monuments reminding of past ages when Tunisia was a part of Phoenician, Carthagenian, Byzantic, Roman, Arab, Turkish and French empires. 

If you want to appreciate real Tunisian life, try to avoid staying in the big tourist traps on the coast, the personal guides help you to find interesting places to visit. Adrenalin seekers would like to climb the mountains, located in the western part of the country. While the south of Tunisia is mostly desert, which attracts the visitors by the unique cave dwellings in Matmata, where Star Wars was filmed. Want to see the so-called “dream island”, head for the island of Jerba, a great place to go in the south. You will never miss Tunis – modern Arab capital. The tour guides show you the monuments from long Ottoman period and not-so-distant colonial past. Spend a few days to explore incredible extremes of landscape, from gently rolling plains, dotted with olive and citrus trees to the ever-enchanting sands of the Sahara, Tunisia is characterized by. The sport fans would like to start their trip from the beginnings of the Sahara Desert in the south, which is a good beginner's point for dune-crashing and sand surfing.

Personal guides take you to the edge of desert to show picturesque towns of Tataouine, Tozeur, and Kairouan. If you prefer to have rest at the coast, choose Djerba, near the Libyan border, and Bizerte, near the northernmost tip of the country. Apart from excellent beaches these towns have well-maintained central markets, the locals call them medinas, and a few forts, situated nearby. Being North Africa's smallest country, modern Tunisia is a frequent destination of European tourists. So, do not hesitate and discover the pearl of Africa right now.

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