Uzbekistan has developed its tourism infrastructure in the recent years. It is popular among the international tourists because of some well preserved Islamic cities. Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva will be involving for those who are interested in history. They are situated on the ancient Silk Road to China. Samarkand impresses the visitors by outstanding sights, like Registan Square, the Gur-Emir – the mausoleum of the conqueror Tamerlane, and others. While on tour in Bukhara do not miss the Po-i-Kalyan complex and the Ark Citadel. The citadel of Ichan Kala is the exact sight to see in Khiva. Tour guides from PrivateGuide show you the Aral lake, which is slowly disappearing with unpleasant consequences for the people living around it. 

Use the advice of the local guides and hire the car, which is the best way to see the countryside. If it is your first visit to Uzbekistan, rely on the tour guides, who arrange the trip around the country very carefully. You will see the exotic mosques, madrassahs, and minarets of the cities of the Silk Road. The shopacholics will be able to buy the best souvenirs: amazingly beautiful silks, carpets, and carved wooden goods. Tasty melons can be purchased in Farkhatsky bazaar, located in the nation’s capital Tashkent. Outdoor activities are really varied in Uzbekistan. The pastures and mountain passes of the foothills of the Tien-Shan Mountains are ideal spots for the hikers. The personal guides take the fishermen to the Kok-su river area to catch rainbow trout. Nature lovers and birdwatchers see desert fauna and migrating birds at the Kyzyl Kun reserve south of Bukhara.

Be sure that you experience great variety when in Uzbekistan. Rich arsenal of architecture and artefacts, dazzling bazaars, ancient fortresses, mixed with the fascinating history of the country and an impressive array of largely unsung natural attractions – all these make Uzbekistan a desired destination for any tourist.

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