As a rule those who have never visited Venezuela, associate the country only with its leader Hugo Chavez. But the travelers, who have had the chance to explore Venezuela, emphasize rich geography and extreme biodiversity. Local guides from PrivateGuide acquaint the visitors with the country's capital city of Caracas. It impresses the tourists by modern skyscrapers, fine museums, and various restaurants.

Sun worshippers appreciate Venezuela's empty white sand beaches at Macuto, Isla de Margarita, or the Los Roques archipelago. These are the proper places to enjoy the loneliness. It goes without saying that Venezuela has longer stretch of Caribbean coastline then any single nation. If you like hiking and trekking, head for the La Gran Sabana in the south of the country, where the tabletop mountains and lush tropical jungle are waiting for the visitors. No wonder why Arthur Conan Doyle based his Lost World in Canaima National Park, where the adventure is mixed with the mystery. Do not refuse if the personal guides take you to the Orinoco Delta, which combines mangrove forests, canals, rare flora and fauna. The world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls is another must-visit in Venezuela. The country is a paradise for those seeking adventure. Hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paragliding are especially popular.

Venezuela is a country of staggering variety and remains a land that is greatly undervisited by international travelers. Despite all political and economic difficulties, the local people remain good-spirited and genuinely hospitable – yet another prime attraction in this oddly endearing country. Moreover Venezuela has produced more winners of Miss Universe per capita than any other country, so you can meet not only open-hearted and hospitable people but pretty girls.

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