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British Virgin Islands is a sailing fantasyland. The tame currents and hundreds of protected, salt-rimmed bays make this place a paradise on earth. More than 40 islands welcome the visitors from all over the world. The local guides from PrivateGuide are experienced enough to show you all the beauty of British Virgin Islands. Let’s start our excursion from Tortola, usually called the archipelago’s father. It is the largest of the BVI’s, and is thought to have been named by Christopher Columbus as “the land of the Turtle Dove” when he first sailed through the Caribbean Sea. Where can you meet the movie stars, millionaires and yachties? Right, it is Virgin Gorda, one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago. The tour guides take you to the “Baths” to take some photos. The Baths is the evidence of the island’s volcanic origin. Travelling to Anegada you willl get a perfect get away as the island floats in a remote reef. British Virgin Islands have some uninhabited islands perfect for isolation. 

The adventurious divers have the opportunity to explore the uderwater world with shipwrecks. Pay attention that it is rather difficult to reach these islands by yourself, so the personal guides help you to hire the boat. If we compare British Virgin Islands with US Virgin Islands, be sure that the first spot provides the tourists with more isolated places to have rest and to relax, giving the visitors a true retreat from civilization. Wiothout any doubts the proud of British Virgin Islands is a stretch of shimmering, dazzling, glorious Caribbean beaches forming the international image of Caribbean paradise. The indescribable pleasure is simply to sail from island to island within British Virgin Islands, to have a picnic, to taste tropical fruits, and to soak up the salt and sun.

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