Warsaw influences the tourists greatly. The visitors emphasize that the first impression of Warsaw is usually disappointing. The city looks no more than the rows of grey and gloomy buildings. But spend a few days in Warsaw, join the tours organized by the local guides from PrivateGuide and you will fall in love with this city forever.After World War II Warsaw was damaged greatly, but it managed to arise from the ashes. Modern Warsaw is thriving, dynamic and progressive city, it is considered to be Poland\'s largest industrial centre, but, of course, factories and industrial enterprises are not the places the tourists would like to visit. Personal guides invite you to have a walk around Warsa...

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Marta Rzeznik6204PolandPolandWarsaw

I graduated in art history and am a professional and experienced guide of Warsaw and Poland. I have ...

Hourly Rate: 35 USDDaily Rate: 250 USD

Ewa Bratosiewicz4702PolandPolandWarsaw

I am a qualified tour leader and professional city of Warsaw guide (both government licensed). I dea...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Has license: Yes

Marlena Marzena  Molenda4100PolandPolandWarsaw

According to Lonely Plant, Warsaw is one of ten must-see world cities. What’s more, according to the...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Has license: Yes

Anna Tillet3303PolandPolandWarsaw

I\\\\\\\'m a certified tour guide speaking English, French and Spanish, I love meeting new people an...

Hourly Rate: 35 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Zygmunt Jabłoński1902PolandPolandWarsaw

I am experenced, professional city guide of Warsaw and tour escourt. Tourism is my great hobby since...

Daily Rate: 300 USD

Halina Chudzik1900PolandPolandWarsaw

Hello! I’m a licensed city guide in Warsaw and also a professional trainer of Business English. I ...

Daily Rate: 250 USD

Has license: Yes

Renata Kopczewska1702PolandPolandWarsaw

I am an experienced, licenced guide, at first employed by big state tourist office, then doing that ...

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Dagmara Dmowska1601PolandPolandWarsaw

I am an independent, licensed and professionally qualified tourist guide in Warsaw area offering pri...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 250 USD

Has license: Yes

Julia Groszek1000PolandPolandWarsaw

I'm a young, professional and very positive person. I'm definitely a city girl and I enjoy every bit...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Hubert Pawlik201PolandPolandWarsaw

Hello and welcome to my Country, I’m Hubert Pawlik, a licenced Warsaw tour guide. I am a third-gener...

Hourly Rate: 35 USDDaily Rate: 260 USD

Has license: Yes

Juan M. Saravia101PolandPolandWarsaw

I am a native Spanish professional with high qualification knowledge in English and Portuguese langu...

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 100 USD

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