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Kaunas, descubriendo la ciudad0LithuaniaLituaniaKaunas

KAUNAS: Es una ciudad acogedora y muy activa, comercios modernos y crecimiento de zonas empresariales, aparte de nuevos barrios, también es un polo universitario, de gran relevancia en Lituania. Todo...
Duración: 3 (h)     Precio por tour: 150 (USD)    


This year 2020 is officially a year of JEWISH CULTURE AND VILNA GAON. The tour lasts from 2 to 10 days,depends on your individual preferences.You choose the lenght and sites you want to visit. Cos...
Duración: 24 (h)     Precio por tour: 800 (USD)    


This season, I invite going to a wonderful excursion – an adventure which will stay in Your memory for a long time. Together, we will visit one of the most beautiful cities of Lithuania – ANYKŠČIAI – ...
Duración: 8 (h)     Precio por tour: 300 (USD)    

The Cold War Museum Tour0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

This season I invite You to exciting tour to former secret location an extraordinal museum – The Cold War Museum. It is located in the former Soviet Union`s complex of ballistic missile silo launch i...
Duración: 8 (h)     Precio por tour: 350 (USD)    

Trakai Medieval Castle/ City on Water10LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

Guía-conductor Trakai es una ciudad situada a sólo 30 km de Vilna, la capital actual de Lituania. Se encuentra en el territorio del parque histórico nacional de Trakai, famoso por sus numerosos lagos...
Duración: 4 (h)     Precio por tour: 150 (USD)    

Vilnius Panoramic Tour0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

Vilna es la capital actual de Lituania. Fundada en el siglo XIY, hoy la ciudad es famosa por su gran patrimonio barroco por lo cual a veces la suelen llamar la pequeña Roma del Báltico. Es un conjunto...
Duración: 3 (h)     Precio por tour: 75 (USD)    

Trip to the past. The Old Town0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

The tour will lead you through the Old City. You will see all the main objects of the town, will hear many legends, historical facts and stories. You will know how the city was founded and who stand a...
Duración: 3 (h)     Precio por tour: 70 (USD)    

Tour por: Serge Rusak

Curonian Spit0LithuaniaLituaniaKlaipeda

It’s a place with its spectacular UNESCO scenery is the elite seaside resort of Lithuania. It spans a narrow peninsula merely 2 km wide and 98 km long, with half of that length in Lithuania. Curonian ...
Duración: 6 (h)     Precio por tour: 100 (USD)    

Kernave - first capital of Lithuania0LithuaniaLituaniaKaunas

Kernavė is a small town in the southeast of Lithuania, located on the right river bank of Nėris. Only about 300 inhabitants live in Kernavė, but it is the center of township, has its flag, coat of arm...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 60 (USD)    

Trakai & Uzutrakis mansion 0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

The old town of Trakai – is situated west of Vilnius between the hills, forests and lakes. This town, famous for its picturesque landscape and the legendary Trakai Castle, was a cradle of the Lithuani...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 70 (USD)    

Hill of Crosses0LithuaniaLituaniaKlaipeda

The Hill of Crosses has about 200 000 crosses. The Hill of Crosses is an historical architectural monument, it is a unique composition of folk art. The Hill of crosses atract’s people with it’s peace...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 60 (USD)    

Palanga tour0LithuaniaLituaniaPalanga

Palanga is the capital of summer, biggest and most universal seaside resort in Lithuania. It is located 29 kilometers from Klaipėda. The Lithuanian seacoast is famous for its beaches of beautiful whit...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 60 (USD)    


Visit the hearth of Lithuania and experience its unique atmosphere. Kaunas is second largest city in Lithuania and home to a variety of festivals and events, including the famous Kaunas Jazz festival....
Duración: 3 (h)     Precio por tour: 60 (USD)    

Vilnius old town0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

The heart of the Capital of Lithuania is the beautiful Vilnius old town included into UNESCO World heritage list. It is the oldest part of Vilnius on the left shore of river Neris. The Old town began...
Duración: 3 (h)     Precio por tour: 70 (USD)    

Klaipeda old town0LithuaniaLituaniaKlaipeda

Klaipeda is the oldest and third biggest city in Lithuania, located on the Curonian Lagoon and The Baltic Sea. City is unique for its Old Town which is an outstanding example of German architecture. ...
Duración: 2 (h)     Precio por tour: 60 (USD)    


This spring-autumn, I invite You to a momentous trip full of authentic towns and picturesque landscapes – THE TOUR OF NEMUNO DELTA. NEMUNO DELTA is a unique historic region of Lithuania. It attract...
Duración: 8 (h)     Precio por tour: 300 (USD)    

TOUR TO THE HILL OF CROSSES 0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

9:00 - DEPARTURE FROM VILNIUS 10:30 - VISIT TO BURBISKIS MANOR IN PANEVEZYS REGION Not only to Holland there flow thousands of tourists in spring to observe the festival of tulip flowering. The tuli...
Duración: 6 (h)     Precio por tour: 250 (USD)    

Tour to Trakai from Vilnius0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

Taking 4-hour long tour we will visit Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania, which is located 30 km from Vilnius. The unique landscape of Trakai, "the town of lakes" as it is often called...
Duración: 0 (h)     Precio por tour: 100 (USD)    

Tour por: Giedrius Cyras

Vilnius - Jerusalem of Lithuania0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

Wilna Jewish heritage sides, with a visit to Ponar forest.
Duración: 1 (h)     Precio por tour: 70 (USD)    

Tour por: Giedrius Cyras

TOUR IN DRUSKININKAI0LithuaniaLituaniaVilna

Exciting trip to perhaps the most famous Lithuanian spa town of Druskininkai, which is perfectly for sightseeing and various entertainment programs. Grūtas historical Soviet history park Merkinė ...
Duración: 6 (h)     Precio por tour: 180 (USD)    
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