9 Days 8 Nights Guilin Guizhou Village Waterfall Tour-guilinprivatetours

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9 Days 8 Nights Guilin Guizhou Village Waterfall Tour-guilinprivatetours

ChinaLa Chine Guilin

Nombre maximum de touristes: 9
Tarif par visite: 2690 USD
Durée: 0 heures
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Visite par: jade Leo (Dates: 06.11.2014)

Description de la visite

One of the most impressive tous in China, you are back to 200 Years ago while you visit this area.
Day 1: Meet at the airport and transfer to your hotel, Stay in Guilin Bravo Hotel 4*

Day 2: Guilin Yangshuo by boat ( B/L/D) Stay in Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel 3*
Meet you at your hotel at 8:00 -8:30 and transfer to Zhujiang pier at 9:30. Li River cruise (4 hours) to Yangshuo with lunch on board, you will feast your eyes with the reflection of fantastic peaks with various shapes, crystal clear water, green hills, bamboo groves, the river passes an endless procession of distinct peaks and bamboo groves and the stunning landscape. Disembark at Yangshuo about 2 pm, roam in the West Street.

Day 3: Yangshuo--Longji rice terraces (B/L/D) stay Pingan Hotel.
Rice Terraces tour, meet you at 9 am and drive to Rice Terraces, visit Dazhai village( Jinkeng Rice Terraces) They were first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by Zhuang people. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380m. You will find nice wooden houses, long hair women with colorful clothes, heavy, silver hat and earrings, customs and lifestyle.

Day 4, Longji rice terraces----Sanjiang Chengyang Village---Tangan village---Zhaoxing village ( B/L/D) Stay in Zhaoxing Hotel. 3*
With its unique Dong minority architecture of Drum Towers, Wind and Rain Bridges and Dong minority buildings, you can see wooden houses, river, waterwheels, villages and so on.

Tanan village: You will find beautiful rice terraces, village gate, drum tower, drama tower, ancient graveyard, ancient well, and water-powered roller for grinding grain, barns and the pit to worship the female ancestors of Dong people. There are also ancient stone paths and wood houses in the village.
Zhaoxing is an old Dong village deeply hidden in the dense mountains. The ancient wooden architecture, century-old practices, the hospitable locals and the fertile terraced fields.

Day 5, Zhaoxing---Basha village--Rongjiang ( B/L/D) stay in Rongjiang Dongmixiang Hotel. 3*
Drive to Basha Miao Village , Basha is a very special and old Miao Ethnic village and is virtually untouched in any way by modernization. Basha residents still live in their wooden houses, practice centuries-old customs and have their own unique beliefs. You can see the men with traditional long hair.

Day 6. Rongjiang ----Xijiang Miao Village ( B/L/D) Stay in Xijiang Qiansen Hotel. 3*
Drive to Xijiang village, the biggest Miao village in China , a 1000-households village, in Leishan county, 75km from Kaili, surrounded by green hills and blue waters, rows upon rows of pile dwellings stand in the bamboo forests on the mountain slope. Famous for its Silversmith craftsmanship and Harvest Celebration. The local silversmiths have unique craftsmanship for silver ornament making. All the silver ornaments that a Miao girl puts on weight about 9 kg .

Day 7. Xijiang miao village-----Huangguoshu Waterfall ( B/L/D) stay in Huangguoshu Hotel 3*

Day 8. Huangguoshu Waterfall---Guiyang city. stay in Guiyang Trade Point Hotel 4* .
Visit Hangguoshu Waterfalls. Is biggest waterfalls groups in China, Huangguoshu Falls 68 meters high, with waterfalls is 81 meters wide, huge waters look like pouring from the sky. You can hear the roars kilometer away.
Tianxing Bridge, 6 km downstream form the Huangguoshuo Waterfall, include Tianxing potted landscape, Tianxing Cave Scenery and Rock Forests, and merges grotesque mountains, rocks, solution caves and waters into a whole.
Day 9. Transfer to Guiyang Airport. ( about 3 hours ride)

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over 9 persons : usd 995
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