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Prague Secret Charmed Places0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Prague Secret Charmed Places includes history, traditions and culture of Prague and Czech Republic in a walk long for a half a day where main touristic attractions are presented: Karluv Most, The Fa...
Durata: 6 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 150 (USD)    

Prague Ghost Tour: Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Come with us on a walk through Prague’s dark past, through narrow, cobbled streets and winding lanes where murderers, alchemists, monsters and spirits once walked. We will take you away from the bu...
Durata: 2 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 90 (USD)    

Karlovy Vary - Czech Spa0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaKarlovy Vary

During this tour you'll have the opportunity to visit the largest, most well known Czech Spa (German name is Carlsbad). The founding of this town has been linked to Emperor Charles IV since 1358, when...
Durata: 10 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 310 (USD)    

Vysehrad Tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

t's not just an ordinary sightseeing tour through Vyšehrad – come with your whole family to play a game inspired by Vyšehrad legends! Among other things, you will learn the stories of duke Krok and hi...
Durata: 60 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 60 (USD)    

Prague Jewish Quarter and Synagogue Walking Tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Explore the Jewish Quarter of Prague for an overview of the area's history and modern life, starting outside the Rudolfinium on Jan Palach Square. Located on the banks of the River Vltava, the neo-r...
Durata: 1 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 60 (USD)    

Prague Castle Walking Tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Prague Castle is an age-old symbol of Czech lands that belongs among the most significant Czech sights, renowned as the seat of rulers and later also presidents of the Czech Republic. According to Gui...
Durata: 3 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 70 (USD)    

Historical Prague Tour with Astronomical Clock 0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Your guided tour begins in front of the Astronomical Clock Tower, where your guide will provide a short historical overview of Prague's Old and New towns. Your guide will show you famous historical b...
Durata: 3 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 70 (USD)    

Home EuropeCzech RepublicPrague0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Your guided tour begins in front of the Astronomical Clock Tower, where your guide will provide a short historical overview of Prague's Old and New towns. After visiting the Astronomical Clock Tower ...
Durata: 5 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 90 (USD)    

Cesky Krumlov night city tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaCeski Krumlov

Medieval city at night changes into a place full of magic and an omnipresent sense of past. Old houses reveal the stories told by people who lived, loved, suffered, were born and died there. Let's wa...
Durata: 2 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 60 (USD)    

All you can see Exclusive10Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

All day tour with exclusive service, including history, shopping, lunch, dinner and night life.
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 129 (USD)    

Prague for kids All Inclusive0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

All you can see in Prague for kids
Durata: 6 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 49 (USD)    

Prague Beer Tour All Inclusive0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

6 hrs walking tour to 4 of the best Prague local Breweries, including traditional dinner and original Bohemia Crystal mug. All inclusive (unlimited beer) for 109.00 Euro/per person
Durata: 6 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 109 (USD)    

Best of Prague0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

During this walking tour you will see the most importatn attractions of Prague - Prague Castle with St.Vitus´s cathedrale, Charles Bridge, former Jewish Ghetto, Old Town Square with its Astronomical C...
Durata: 4 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 140 (USD)    

Tour da: Jan Ne

Grand Prague Private Tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

This unique walking tour will lead us in footsteps of ancient royal kings and emperors. The tour includes a thourough visit of Prague Castle complex. It is the same route that Czech kings took during ...
Durata: 4 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 99 (USD)    

Magical Cesky Krumlov0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaCeski Krumlov

Český Krumlov is an unforgettable place where people have lived since the 13th century. The importance of the town was emphasized in 1992 when it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. As a local...
Durata: 2 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 60 (USD)    

Prague Castle and Brewery visit0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Hradcany Hradcany - Prague Castle Town part is politicaly the most important historical district, with many aristocratic palaces, seat of president and also with Monastic Brewery of Strahov Monaste...
Durata: 5 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 260 (USD)    

Witch Tour0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

On our tour you will discover the narrow alleys of Prague and all of the stories behind them. We will show you the old place of executions, tell you all about the secrets of the astronomical clock, lo...
Durata: 2 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 19 (USD)    

Prague Spring & Velvet Revolution0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Interested in the politics of the 20th century? Four major empires collapsed at the end of WWI, the political landscape of Europe changed beyond recognition and that is where our story begins. This r...
Durata: 4 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 120 (USD)    

Tour da: Petr Zidek

Day Trip from Prague to Terezin & Melnik0Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaPrague

Terezin, one of the most bizarre sites of World War II, was deceptively showcased by the Nazis as an autonomous Jewish district. Built as a fortress in the 18th century to protect Bohemia from Prussia...
Durata: 7 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 260 (USD)    

Tour da: Petr Zidek

Day trip from Prague to Kutna Hora & Kolin & Cesky Sternberk10Czech RepublicRepubblica CecaKutna Hora

Our first stop on the way to Kutna Hora is Kolin, a town on the banks of the Labe River. Even though its medieval center around the town square is well preserved and its 16th century synagogue was r...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 370 (USD)    

Tour da: Petr Zidek

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