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Full-Day Tour: Tunis, Sidi BouSaid, Bardo Museum & Carthage0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

On this full-day tour of Tunis you will visit the spectacular Bardo Museum, explore the ancient ruins of Carthage, and visit the unique town of Sidi Bou Said. With entrance tickets to the Bardo Museum...
Durata: 7 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 350 (USD)    

Tunis-Carthage-Sidi Bousaid0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

This half-day tour is mainly planned to travelers who want to explore Tunisian culture within few hours during their brief stop in Tunis The trip includes the following stops * Medina Departure to ...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 350 (USD)    

Carthage sidi bou said- bardo - medina0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

This Tour is mainly for cruisers who wishes to have a private shore excursions during their visit of Tunis La Goulette. The Trip includes 4 stops however it can be modified following the customer's...
Durata: 6 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 190 (USD)    

El Djem - Monastir0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

We'll begin by visiting EL Djem, a UNESCO World Heritage Site discovering one of the Roman Empire’s biggest colosseums and undoubtedly the best preserved in the world, the archeological museum has a ...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 230 (USD)    

Highlights of CARTHAGE0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

A whole day spent exploring Carthage, unesco world heritage site. We will see the remains of the once-great city. capital of the Carthaginean empire. We will start by visiting the Bysra hill,the civi...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 230 (USD)    

Kairouan (Unesco world Heritage Site) city tour0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

Itinerary at a glance: A day in the Islamic city of Kairouan, a UNESCO World Heritage site rated fourth among the holiest cities of Islam behind Mecca ,Medina and Jerusalem. We will explore the maj...
Durata: 7 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 230 (USD)    

Berber life and wine tasting0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

Up from the plains peeks the rock on which this small village is situated. While old times made this into a most valuable defensive position, today's villagers are seeking comfort in the newer village...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 230 (USD)    

Meet the Punic & Roman history in Carthage enjoy the Bardo and explore Tunis'Medina0TunisiaTunisiaTunis

This tour aims to introduce you the historical site of ** Carthage,founded by the phoeniciens at the 9 th cent.b.c,destroyed by the Romans,served as a capital of the provencia of Africa for over 5 ...
Durata: 7 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 200 (USD)    

best roman Tunisia0TunisiaTunisiaEl Kantaoui, Tunisia

In this tour, archeology and ancient history fans will experience the finest roman sites in the North of Tunisia as well as the beautiful landscapes of the Atlas mountain chain. Day 1-Carthage-Bardo ...
Durata: 7 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 4250 (USD)    

Tour da: ali mouelhi

Carthage Tunis0TunisiaTunisiaEl Kantaoui, Tunisia

1-Carthage: - visit of the remnants of the carthaginian harbours. -visit of the roman villas-the most preserved villa is called villa la voliere. -visit of the Byrsa Hill , where the city was first...
Durata: 6 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 395 (USD)    

Tour da: ali mouelhi

Private Tunis Medina and Roman Dougga0TunisiaTunisiaEl Kantaoui, Tunisia

Enjoy a walk through the Medina of Tunis and the Roman city Dougga . In the morning, departure to Dougga - often called Roman Pompey of Tunisia, noted for the variety and beauty of its monuments. I...
Durata: 8 (h)     Prezzo per tour: 680 (USD)    

Tour da: ali mouelhi

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