Discover Altamura: Half-Day bread and focaccia tour tasting

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Discover Altamura: Half-Day bread and focaccia tour tasting


Максимальное кол-во Туристов: 54
Цена за тур: 140 USD
Длительность: 2 часов
Расстояние: 2 Км
Тур от: Daniela Matera (Дата: 26.07.2015)

Описание тура

Discover the medieval town built during the Holy Roman Empire, enter the historical center from one of the ancient gates to the town and discover the architectural beauties of the churches of St. Blaise, St. Nicholas, Greek Church and the Cathedral of Altamura, the only church built by Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen in the Middle Ages.

The lovely walk continues through the typical squares of the old town
and made to carry you smell good in the little streets of the old town in search of old wood-burning ovens where even today the cooking bread and focaccia.
Focaccia's final tasting.

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