Horseback riding in the the rural area in Puglia (Southern Italy)

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Horseback riding in the the rural area in Puglia (Southern Italy)


Максимальное кол-во Туристов: 3
Цена за тур: 550 USD
Длительность: 1 часов
Расстояние: 0 Км
Тур от: Daniela Matera (Дата: 12.02.2013)

Описание тура

Horseback riding group also for non-experts to learn about the rural area, in relaxation through the woods, paths and clearings.
Possibility of visiting the area on a cart on the tracks as in the ancient west, but made in Italy.

The activity will take place in a beautiful masseria"masseria" of limestone surrounded by National Park of Alta Murgia a few steps from Castel del Monte, the most important castle in the shape of eight built by Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen in the Middle Ages

Finally we will visit the farm animals: donkeys, sheep, goats and many more.


• Travel guide service

Not included:

• Transfer

Bus transfer service on request

Price per person (USD): 69 with minimum 3 persons

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