Ancient Rome: Capitolium, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum

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Ancient Rome: Capitolium, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum


Максимальное кол-во Туристов: 6
Цена за тур: 280 USD
Длительность: 4 часов
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Тур от: Francesca Troilo (Дата: 07.04.2012)

Описание тура

A journey through ancient Roman civilization, including the four major sites that constituted the heart of the Imperial City.
The Capitoline Hill, now famous for the marvelous piazza designed by Michelangelo, was once a fortress and the religious center of the city.
Walking through the Roman Forum, the center of political and commercial life, you may catch a glimpse of daily life in the ancient City as we visit the most important monuments and ruins that remain—the Roman Senate, the House of Vestal Virgins, the arches of triumph and the Basilica of Constantine.
This tour continues to the Palatine Hill, where we will walk through the impressive ruins of what were once the palatial residences of the emperors.
We conclude our tour with a visit to the Colosseum, where thousands of gladiators fought to the death.

Please note: this tour is only among ruins in an archaeological area. This means that you need comfortable shoes and should be ready to walk through ups and downs of a hilly and rugged ground.
Transport not included, nor entrance tickets
(entrance fee with reservation EU. 13,50 per person).

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