How much to tip a tour guide?

How much to tip a tour guide?

A lot can be found on the Internet regarding how much to tip a tour guide. Certainly, almost every travel blog or website in the field contains some discussion about money and tip issues. However, the answer here is not so clear due to the numerous differences that exist between countries on such issues as wages and tipping customs. In order to study this issue better, we conducted a small survey among private guides all over the world. Here’s what they had to say about how much a standard tip on guide services should be.

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that we did not provide any strict answers or options to choose from while answering the questions. These were open-ended questions which allowed the guides to compose their own answers. As a result, our findings represent unprejudiced results.

So how much is a standard tip for guide services? The most popular answer received from the private tourist guides is that they “usually leave it to the discretion of the clients.” This answer received 70% of all votes. Although this answer was expected, it does prove that tipping is voluntary, not obligatory, and quite a personal act. It also demonstrates that private guides have neutral attitudes to this subject matter and do not push their personal interests while giving excursions.

The second most popular answer that received 20% of votes is the “10% tip.” This answer was most popular among the European guides and represents existing custom for tips across all service industries, including hospitality, dining, etc.

The last 10% represented a variety of answers. On one hand, these cannot be attributed to any one group. However, on the other hand, they cannot be attributed to only individuals..

It would be fair to say that private guides from Europe gave us more details on how they are tipped. For instance, Hana Kundrátová from Prague, Czech Republic, says that there is no such thing as a "standard" tip at all. She reports, “It depends on the client, number of travelers in the group, their native country and also the group leader (if they have one). There are also countries of ‘no tipping’ clients.” Many other guides share her views.

Marta Laurent Veciana from Barcelona, Spain and Mauro Girella from Rome, Italy agree that the average tip for a four hours service (or half day) is around 20-30 Euro. However, they also confirm, “It is totally to the discretion of the clients and the tip can go from 10 to 50 Euro.” The guide from Marrakech, Morocco, Samir Jlaydy, says that the tip varies in accordance with the client’s origins: Europeans - 3-10 Euros, Americans – 1-5 Dollars (USD), and Asians – 10-30 Euros. Guides all over the world agree with these estimates.
In other words, no strict standards exist on this issue.

The only visible conclusion that can be made is that it is up to the client how much to tip. This answer has gained 70% of the pie and represents most guides’ attitudes on the question. The ten-per-cent tip and the tip of 20-30 Euro is more or less popular on the European service market, but, as statistics show, represents only 20% of the votes. Thus, when going abroad and hiring a professional tour guide, you are free to tip in accordance with your personal will, satisfaction level and disposable resources.

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04:02 am August 4, 2011

Iqbal Warsi

according to my experience one should give 40 usd minimum to a official tour guide for a day anywhere in entire world.One should think according to your status not the place you visit for e.g. tip should be same for poor country or rich one.

04:34 am September 28, 2011

Tora Borström

good point!

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