P U E R T O O C T A Y is one of the least visited towns in Lake District Chile. It has the most German influence with very little amenities for tourists. The town is small and most of the old German houses are uniquely built with wood.The drive to Puerto Octay is the most picturesque of the area. The winding road takes you through farms, sheep, cows and a beautiful aerial view of the lakes and the surrounding towns. All types of cheese and yogurt are found in a corner store in Puerto Octay’s town center. The cheeses are cheaper than those sold in Puerto Varas.If you are in Puerto Octay, remember to visit Octay Lacteos the biggest cheese shop in the town, just across from the town square. Puerto Octay is still non-touristy and offers visitors a look into the locals’ lifestyle in Lake District Chile.

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19:52 February 17, 2014


Hello again Juan! Thank you for your mail and nice pictures from Chile!!! We can't forget neither you or your beautiful country. At the moment we are travelling by car trough the western part of Norway witch look very much like Chile. To night we are staying at Norway's oldest Hotel: Walaker Hotel at Solvorn. Maybee you can find it at Internet? Take care Best wishes from Marit

10:15 am February 22, 2014


REVIEW OF KARYN SCANLAN 25 FEB 2013: My visit with Juan to Puerto Montt and the surrounding districts was fantastic and a highlight of my recent South America cruise. Juan tailored a tour to accommodate my limited mobility and his tour exceeded my expectations. Juan’s local and expert knowledge combined with his warm and friendly personality ensured I enjoyed a comprehensive overview of this amazing region. I would highly recommend his professional guiding service. Karyn Scanlan, Australia.

08:00 am March 4, 2014


Review rated by John Forrest Coleman (January 26, 2014) / Rating: 5/5 Stars /// We travel all over the world — this has to be one of the best guides we have ever had. Plan to recommend him to my travel agent for anyone going to Puerto Montt /// Booking Reference: 11666 (Viator Tour Guides) Travel Date: Friday, January 17, 2014 Tour Time: 10:30AM — 4:30PM (local time) Duration: 6 hours Tour Location: Puerto Montt, Chile Number of Travelers: 2 Comments: Hotel Details: Celebrity Infinity (Cruise Ship). JOHN COLEMAN / U.S.A.

08:07 am March 4, 2014


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