Complete Feijoada meal ritual


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Complete Feijoada meal ritual

BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Maximale Anzahl Touristen: 30
Preis pro Tour: 30 USD
Dauer: 3 Stunden
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Tour nach: Cristiano Nogueira (Datum: 12.05.2016)

Beschreibung der Tour

Slow food at its best: First comes the Rio`s award-winning black-bean soup, along with tiny crispy country sausage. A passion-fruit chilled liquor accompanies, so the perfect tone is set. Soon your caipirinha arrives, together with some crispy and dry pork rinds (crackling). You can opt for the authentic feijoada (with various pork parts) or the "noble" feijoada, with ribs, ham and various sausages. Along with the feijoada you'll get garlic-moist rice, fried kale, cassava sticks, manioc flour farofa, black beans and orange slices, that at a refreshing dimension. For dessert, Mineiro style sweets like brazilian dulce de leche with white cheese or guava jam with cheese. Lastly, our popular Minas Gerais coffee brewed in our funky chemistry-set-like apparatus, a favorite for Instagrammers.

Rua Prudent de Morais 10, Ipanema

Complete Feijoada meal ritual

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