World's Purest Chocolate Tasting


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World's Purest Chocolate Tasting

BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Maximale Anzahl Touristen: 8
Preis pro Tour: 13 USD
Dauer: 1 Stunden
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Tour nach: Cristiano Nogueira (Datum: 11.05.2016)

Beschreibung der Tour

Cocoa originates from the Amazon, making it the quintessential Brazilian fruit. Chocolate Q makes the world's purest chocolates. No additives, flavours, extra ingredients or anything that hides its essence: 100% cocoa nuts ground to a paste. Discover the history, cultivation, bio-terrorism that Brazil suffered in the late 80s and how that region is making a comeback on the market. Taste our sequence of chocolates that start at 55% and escalate to 92%, each level exubing different nuances from the "terroir".

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