Modern & Contemporary Shanghai

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Modern & Contemporary Shanghai

ChinaChina Shanghai

Maximale Anzahl Touristen: 12
Preis pro Tour: 200 USD
Dauer: 8 Stunden
Distanz : 15 km
Tour nach: Jing Xu (Datum: 27.01.2013)

Beschreibung der Tour

If you stay 2 days in Shanghai, after one day wandering in old town, I will offer you another day visiting modern and contemporary Shanghai.

This modern tour including:
1. the French concession: villas in all kinds of styles, a regenerated romantic and leisure residence block: Tianzi Fang, and several famous romantic walkways along Huaihai Rd. You need walking a lot! (3-4h);

2. the bund: window of Shanghai, part of the former British concession (quarter); you can choose walking along the Huangpu river promenade or cruise on the river (1.5h);

3. Lujiazui Financial Center: the Oriental TV Tower with Shanghai Urban History and Development Museum, Jinmao Tower, the World Financial Center, etc,. You will get a city sky view there. (1.5-2h)

4. bar street / culture street / commercial street, you can choose one and experience a certain part for a modern urban life in Shanghai. (1-2h)

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