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Rio Boat Show

Date: April/25 to May/01 Site: http:// Address: Av. Rodrigues Alves, 10 - Praça Mauá - Centro Place: Pier Mauá - Cais do Porto -

Artikel nach: Rodrigo  Quintella

Secret spot at Copacabana beach

Secret spot in Copacabana beachIn the end of the beach, near from the Copacana Fortress, there are the fishing community Z-13. There you can find fresh oysters served in the same place. This part of t...

Hike to Urca Hill - Sugar Loaf

Hike to the top of Morro da Urca - next to Sugar Loaf mountain;A major postcard of Rio de Janeiro is also the opportunity to make a hiking on a safe trail, clean and well kept, until you reach the top...

Tips and Tricks of the carioca way of life

Tips and Tricks of the carioca - local from Rio de Janeiro- way of life The reason for the Rio de Janeiro be the reference of the Brazil image, is because the history, that start a long time ago, whe...

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