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"Provincia of Rome"

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Oktober 2023
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If you are not interested to do a demanding tour , isf you like to spend your time , smiling free of doing what you wish enjoying the beauties of rome , visiting unexplored tourist's districtseating in places where only the true romans have access, without stopping in those places rereved and eclusive forttourists , places able to give a plastic vision of Rome and the Romans, and of our country.With me you will access, spending little money, to all”skip the line “ places having access to all mayor attractionsof Rome ( Colosseum, Vatican Museums and Palatine Hill). If you want you can set up a tour with me from the top to the bottom of the country. If you will chose me I will take care of reducing to the minimum all costs for moving from one place to the other, and in addition , due to my wide experience all over Italy , I will ensure you ( being concious that knowing how precious it is and how much it costs you the time spent in Italy ) do not miss one minute over the time frame, will provide buying the train, metro,bus, tickets, to tour around the city nd the all country. Will be under your expences my competitive fares, the cash advanced for the tickets that will be used, my meals and any overnight stay, of which I gurarantee it won't be charged you any additional agency fee
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my name is Mirella, I'm a tour manager since 1982, I love my job, I love people, and I love travelling around the world and for this reason I decided to become a tour guide. I studied english at school , and after I graduated in 1979, I spent 2 years in Great Britain in the beautiful city of Bristol where I improved my English knoledge. In 1982 I decided to become tour guide and I started my career working for Aviatour with american groups. In 1989 I started to study spanish at “ casa Argentina of Rome “ in Via Vittorio Veneto. At the end of the course in order to improve my spanish knoledge I spent 3 months in Ibiza, and the folloing seasonother 3 months in Palma of Maiorca. Finally I felt ready to work with latin countries. In 2010 I bought an house in Brasil, in the beautiful Angra dos Reis, and there I started to lern Portugues.The knoledge of these 3 languages made my way to learn other culture and countries : in particular latin american countries. Since I decided to become a tour leader I've been studing , history of art, geography and languages, and people. In order to make the booking system as easy and clear as possible I have created this electronic calendar directly connected to my email and smartphone, so that you can immediatly check my availability and communicate with me real time while organising your bookings. I constantly check and update my calendar so that you can be sure of my availability.I hope this will help

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