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Favela Tour im Cantagalo0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Die Tour beginnt in Ipanema am Aufzug an einem der U-Bahnausgänge, der uns direkt ins Herz der Favelas, oder Gemeinschaften, Cantagalo, Pavão und Pavãozinho bringt. Sie werden eine Kunstgallerie ...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 160 (USD)    

Tour nach: Isabell Erdmann

Private Transfers Flughäfen, Häfen, Búzios, Paraty, Macaé, São Paulo, Minas Gerais0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Preis ist für 1-way vom/zum Hotel/Flughafen. Andere Ziele: bitte konsultieren.
Dauer: 3 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 150 (USD)    

Tour nach: Jim Campbell

Zuckerhut und/oder Christus-Statue, mit StadtrundfahrtBrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Da ich per Stunde honoriert werde, sagen Sie mir was Sie wollen, und ich mach's dann - höchstwahrscheinlich - möglich. Der angegebene Preis ist für eine 5-Stdn-Tour! Bahnkosten NICHT inbegriffen
Dauer: 5 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 219 (USD)    

Tour nach: Jim Campbell

Private City Tour Rio´s highlights0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Selaron steps, Sambadrome, Cathedral If you have only one day to explore Rio, or look for Shore Excursions starting from the port, this tour is the best choice! We ...
Dauer: 6 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 250 (USD)    

Tour nach: Alan  Denis

Botanical Garden0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

The botanical garden was founded by Prince D. Joao VI in the beginning of the 19th century. Here you can find the famous Pau Brasil, the tree that gave Brazil its name. The botanical garden has around...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 228 (USD)    


Leaving your hotel , we head to the train station, of the oustanding mountain of Corcovado , which the amazing statue of Christ the redeemer lays on top of.The wonderfull 360 view of RIO DE JANEIRO fr...
Dauer: 8 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 300 (USD)    

Tour nach: carlos cardoso

Full day of Cruising Rio's Coast in a sports convertible0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Rio’ coast is something remarkable, especially what the cariocas call the “Leme to Pontal” stretch (ask any carioca and they’ll sing this back to you, then ask you how much of it have you seen). Leme ...
Dauer: 16 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 500 (USD)    

Churrascaria extravaganza0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Churrascaria Palace is currently Rio`s #1 steakhouse (TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet). Come taste their best: start with fresh oysters and seafood paired with whites, continue to several noblest south ame...
Dauer: 3 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 80 (USD)    

Fruit Tasting Tour at Market0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

South America is the origin of the biggest variety of fruits in the world. Coconut, passion fruit, avocado, pineapple, cocoa, açaí, custard apple, star fruit, guava, cashew to name but a few… There ar...
Dauer: 2 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 25 (USD)    

Moqueca Meal with drinks0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Moqueca is possibly brazil's favorite dish, head to head with the feijoada. The seafood moqueca, or the shrimp moqueca are so wonderful, that despite its "slave quarters" origins, it quickly...
Dauer: 3 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 25 (USD)    

Complete Feijoada meal ritual0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Slow food at its best: First comes the Rio`s award-winning black-bean soup, along with tiny crispy country sausage. A passion-fruit chilled liquor accompanies, so the perfect tone is set. Soon your ca...
Dauer: 3 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 30 (USD)    

World's Purest Chocolate Tasting0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Cocoa originates from the Amazon, making it the quintessential Brazilian fruit. Chocolate Q makes the world's purest chocolates. No additives, flavours, extra ingredients or anything that hides its es...
Dauer: 1 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 13 (USD)    

4 Hour Brazilian Cooking Class0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

We teach you brazilian recipes! Immerse yourself in the culinary scene of Rio on this interactive evening at a small cooking studio. Learn about the flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques specif...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 75 (USD)    

1 DAY IN RIO TOUR0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Full day tour with approximately 8 hours tour visit the Christ Redeemer (statue), Lapa neighborhood (famous arches) and the Seláron stairs, Metropolitan Cathedral, Sambodrome (Carnival place), Santa T...
Dauer: 8 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 200 (USD)    

FAVELA TOUR SANTA MARTA 0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Approximately 2 hours tour, Santa Marta is one of the steepest community in the city. Santa Marta was the occupation of military force. On November 28, 2008 the control of Santa Marta was turned to ci...
Dauer: 2 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 65 (USD)    

GASTRONOMIC TOUR0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Approximately 5 hours tour happening every weekend. "Feira dos Paraíba's" a big fair in the north of the city with traditional music, characters and the best of the food, music and handcraft...
Dauer: 5 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 80 (USD)    

SAMBA SCHOOL REHEARSAL0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

Approximately 4 hours tour, the Rio Samba Schools are associations or social clubs, representing a particular neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro in the annual Samba Parade. They are not samba teaching ins...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 75 (USD)    

Rio Panorâmico0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

1. Pão de Açucar 2. Catedral do Rio de Janeiro 3. Dos arcos de Lapa (almoço) 4. Escada do Celaron 5. Santa Tereza 6. Mirante Dona Marta 7. Corcovado + Cristo Redentor 8. Mesa do Imperador 9. V...
Dauer: 6 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 480 (USD)    

CITY TOUR0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

From the hotel to the amazing views of Rio, from different angles and perspectives. Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Beaches, Rain Forest, Museums (the tour changes in order of the preferences of the tourist)
Dauer: 7 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 500 (USD)    

Transfers - Hotel/Airport , Buzios, Angra dos Reis, Paraty0BrazilBrasilienRio De Janeiro

I also made transfers taking you to the place that you need! Hotel/Airport: U$80,00 each transfer Buzios: U$280,00 Angra dos Reis: U$280,00 Paraty: U$350,00
Dauer: 0 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 80 (USD)    

Tour nach: Douglas  Camilo

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