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December 2023
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  • Auto: Mercedes Van (7pax) + Mercedes SUV (4 pax)100%electric
  • Air conditioner: Yes
  • Hourly Rate (by car): 60 USD     
  • Daily Rate (8h, by car): 400 USD     
Since 2001 giving chauffeured tours in Portugal. I am an official full time tour guide, specialized in personal customized tours up to 7 people.
Passionate about my country and people. Massage therapist, gardener, hiker, practice meditation.
I do appreciate new experiences, new routes and challenges.
My activity as guide/driver is registered in the National Tourism Office with nº 420/2010 with mandatory insurances valid.
What I offer
Planning and accomplishing chauffeured guided tours in Portugal and Spain. I do help travellers to design their itineraries in the Iberian Peninsula, providing:
Portugal multi day tours,
Lisbon / Porto / Sintra / Fátima / Évora sightseeing tours, or any other location in POrtugal since I am a national guide.
Combined walking with driving tours,
Thematic tours such as : Wine, Gastronomic / culinary tours, Cultural & Historical Tours, Natural parks & Gardens, Templar, jewish or moorish heritage. Blending with locals.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
Hotel business industry in the sales & Marketing department; Experienced in small hotels management.
Degree in tourism with Tour Guide license number 17/9842/352.
Registration in the Official Tourism Office with nº 420/2010, with compulsory insurances valid, this permission allows to provide chauffeured guided tours.

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