Kevin Hwang

Member of the Professional Tour Guides Association
"KTO (Korea Tourism Organization = Korea National Tourism Org.) "

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May 2021
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  • Auto: Grand Starex of Hyundai
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  • Hourly Rate (by car): 60 USD     
  • Daily Rate (8h, by car): 340 USD     
Are you looking for experienced professional private tour guide? Let's take a Insights Korea tour with KEVIN.
What I offer
◇ Prosumer Tour for Couple and Family
- Royal Palace & Hitorical Site
- Hiking & Sightseeing
- Ski tours
- DMZ Tour
- Modern Site & Amusement park
- Insights Korea & Culture Tours
- and "YOU Tailor Travel"

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I am official Korean tour guide licensed by Korean government KTO(Korea Tourism Organization) since 1996. I have been working as GoodWill Guide and ptivate guide from that moment.

I am enjoying private tour guide. Because I can provide best sincere guiding service for tourists who want to know and experience Korea(ROK, South Korea).

My Service is as follows:
S: Smile (happy together)
S: Speed (timely)
S: Sincerity (from the bottom of my heart)

I have long experience as Korea travel guide and office worker for Telco(Telecom company), so I can provide more unique guiding services and interesting viewpoints. Those viewpoints are based on facts, of course. This will make your tour more enjoyable, informative and memorable .

♡ BA, Tourism Management at Kyonggi University(First Ranking Tourism University).

Please feel free to contact me to check availability.

Best Regards,

Kevin Hwang

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