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Servus in Wien!
I am a licensed Tourist Guide in Vienna /Austria.

I feel I must share my enthusiasm and my knowledge for the art, the music, the architecture and the way of life in Vienna and Austria with visitors of this city and country. I would like you to see the city and the country with different eyes and experience the ambience in a friendly way.
What I offer
Individual travelers! YOU enjoy tours, customized to your preferences, by time, interests and adapted at YOUR own pace.
I offer:
• City tours, walking tours, tours on special subjects, museum visits, day tours in Vienna and its outskirts.
• Proposals for your tourist program in Vienna/Austria and also concerning trips and hiking in the Austrian mountains connected with visiting of nature and cultural sights.
• Accompaniment on several days’ trips in Austria.
• Proposals for cultural activities, restaurants, bars, etc.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
Born in Bulgaria, but live in Vienna since my childhood. I work as a tour guide since more than ten years.

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