Alberto Morales

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October 2023
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  • Auto: Honda
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I'm an independent guide enthusiastic and organized, I specialize in providing experiences that some may consider Rare & Unique; even when visiting well known or commercial sites, I always seek to find places that are special or have a personality, and I'm very successful in doing so!
What I offer
I offer circuits and day tours through the Maya world, Archaeological sites, Colonial Cities and rural areas in Yucatan, Chiapas, Central America and Cuba are my area of expertise, I do have Air Conditioned transportation for up to 12 passengers with luggage.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I started as a waiter twenty years ago, I earned the Five Diamonds Award to Excellence in Service two years in a row at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cancun, I am specialized in archaeological sites through the Maya world, nature observation in the reefs, jungle and other environments, cultural tours in local communities, as well as sports like SCUBA, caving, snorkeling, cycling, trekking and more! I guide private trips for several European and Canadian agencies through southern Mexico, Central America and Cuba.

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