Excursiong of Yangon!

Yangon has been the capital of Myanmar nearly 200 years.
Most of the tourists entered Myanmar by flight through Yangon and started their trips.
The one thing that you have to face on your arrival in Yangon International airport is to hire taxi to down town or to your hotel if you didn't make any reservation for air port pick up with your hotel or travel agents.
The prices of Taxi for Hotel from airports are very different in the compound of airport and out and official (there is a taxi service company in airport, the name is Golden Swallow).The one way to get the cheapest price for taxi is out of the airport compound. It is only 2 minutes walk.
The one destination which tourist shouldn’t miss is Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.It is located on the small hill.
Travelers came to Myanmar , they want to test the taste of Myanmar typicla food.Yes,it is the natural.But,according to Myanmar traditional,people have lunch out and go back home and have dinner with their family.So,all of the food in the restaurant were cooked still in the morning so that these are not fresh and may be a problem for your stomach.If you have lunch with Myanmar typical food ,it is not problem.Try to taste of Myanmar foods.

The famous one destinations of Yangon is Shwedagon pagoda.It was dating back over 2,500 years ago.You can see all of the Myanmar traditional arts and crafts in only this pagoda.The best time to go to this pagoda is evening with sun set and can see local pavilions in evening .

At least , you should try to say thank you and gretting word in bumese language.
Mingalarbar,the greeting word of Myanmar and can use every time and to whoever.
Kyay Su be,that means "Thank you".But ,it is informal.
The formal word is "Kyay Su Tin bar tal " .

Have a good and happy time in Myanmar!

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