When you come in Myanmar(1)

When you come in Myanmar ,the first one you have to know is you have to bring crisp ,good and clean dollars.Money exchanger don't accept tear,old ,stain dollars and even 2006 date notes ,CB and AB notes.
Exchange rates are also different between big note and small note.When somebody told you today exchange rate ,it means for 100 notes.If you change small notes,you will get lower amount than 100 notes.Smaller note , smaller amount.
eg.The exchange rate is 820 Kyats(Myanmar currency) for 100 notes ,it will be 810 Kyats for 50 notes.
Nowadays ,although there are official exchange counter at main air ports(Yangon , Mandalay , Bagan and Inle,etc) and down town in Yangon , local people are not allowed to change money.Some people want to change in black market,yes it is sure they will be cheated by the exchanger vendors.They will tell you ,they can't change with official rate and sometime more than ofiicial rate.Oh,you are going to change with them ,check your money exactly in front of them.OK,it is perfect.When you are back in your hotel ,check your money again.Your money is less than when you check in front of them.They are like magicians.

Don't try to change money at balck market ,when you are in Myanmar.
Make sure your dollars are clean, crisp and good.

Welcome to Myanmar!

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